Posted by: Natalie | January 18, 2010

Week 3 – Slackers

Okay, so this week I was a slacker.  A slacker with the best of intentions, but still…a slacker.  After two emotional days of family drama, by Friday night I was drained.  And then came Saturday.  Scout training for 8.5 hours.  Most of which was completely unrelated to my calling in the Primary.  I almost started crying near the end of it when I realized I had wasted and entire day and was going to be asked to waste another entire day in two weekends.  My other emotions possibly getting in the way as well?  Maybe.  So then I went home, took my aunt and uncle’s pictures with Clint and then had an emotional breakdown.  🙂  It was a lovely week.

So here is my “cop out” date for this week.  I did plan it, and perhaps if I had decided it was our date ahead of time, it would sound better, but hey!  It’s something!

Wednesday Clint took the day off so that we could go do our 20-week ultrasound.  Can I tell you, there is nothing cuter than seeing your husband stare in amazement at the little life you are carrying.  It was adorable to see him as he watched the nurse look at her different body parts and make sure they were all there and functioning properly.  (The coolest, in my opinion, was her heart.  AMAZING!)  And then, of course, we found out the gender – a girl.  One of each  now!  So fun!

Afterward, we stopped by family to tell them the news, and then, we went to the Mesa Temple and did sealings.  If you aren’t LDS, a sealing is the ordinance we perform to marry two people to each other for, well, for forever!  Its always special to go and listen to the words again and remember the covenants you made to each other and to God…and what you were promised in return.  We always try and go around our anniversary…so we were close.  For me, there is always something special about going to the temple when I am pregnant too.  I feel closer to my baby.  I think I am hoping all of the goodness of the place we are in will somehow rub off on its little spirit and instill in it a desire to be there too someday.

Alright!  Enough chatter from me!  That was our “date” this week.  I promise to be less of a slacker this week and come up with something someone else might actually be able to use – non-pregnant and non-LDS specific!  🙂  Until then!


49 weeks

49 dates




  1. I’ve been waiting for week four update! can’t wait to hear what you guys did 🙂

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