Posted by: Natalie | January 25, 2010

Week 4 – Learning to be flexible

Okay, so I have to admit, my date night ideas up till now have been pretty boring, especially when you consider that last week was a cheat.  I wish I could dazzle you with something amazing this week, but, alas, Clint and I are boring, tired people.

This week I actually did have something planned.  We were going to get out all of Clint’s old art supplies – charcoal, pastels, neat-o colored pencils and big sketch books – and each sketch out our idea of what our ideal backyard would look like once completed.  (This is of course for our backyard we have NOW.)  Then we were going to bring our ideas together and sketch out something we both liked so we could start working on slowly finishing our backyard.  (We have grass, a few trees, and a rose bush, oh, and a small garden, but that’s it.  No border.  No rocks.  No paths or other plants.  It’s pretty boring.)

But Clint got home that night tired to the bone, and I didn’t have the heart to make him do my little “project.”  He kept saying he would, but I could tell all he really wanted to do was relax.

So, that’s what we did.  Normally I would have been peeved that my plans had been spoiled, but I was really okay with it.  I had made him some peanut butter cookies, his favorite, which we snacked on as we watched episodes of our favorite shows online.  Nothing spectacular, but time spent together, and my man was happy.

Lesson learned: Make plans.  Have a set date night.  But learn to be flexible!  With kids, work, and all the other crazy stresses of life, you have to be ready to let go of your ideal sometimes and just enjoy being together.  Even if that means laying in bed eating peanut butter cookies in your PJ’s.  (But don’t lose the spark!)

This next week is going to be rough.  I have scout training on Friday night (our typical date night) and most of the day Saturday.  We will probably move our date to Saturday (see, being flexible!) and I will have to come up with something super creative because a) I will be exhausted from Scout training, and b) Clint will be exhausted from his 10K that day and being Mr. Mom all day.  Ideas anyone?


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  1. If you both are going to be so tired why don’t you do a “couples massage.” Only instead of going to a spa you can do it at home. If you have any candles you could light them for a nice effect and put on some soothing/relaxing music as you take turns giving each other feet/back rubs etc. I think you both could use a massage especially after a 10k and 1 1/2 days of scout training.

    Good luck and have fun with whatever your going to do.

  2. yeah, I was going to say foot rubs, back rubs…good for you for planning. We end up doing movies and ice cream A LOT b/c of the need to unwind…lame, maybe…but we’re together, and you’re right, that’s all that matters!

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